Esperanza Verde Crowdfunding – second round for 2021

€6.828 of €40.000 raised

Esperanza Verde COVID-19 Crowdfunding

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Thanks to the great support, the first round of crowdfunding raised 20’555€ which has helped us get through 2020. Unfortunately, the current situation is still ongoing and affects life on the whole planet. With forward-thinking, planning and the generous help of the remaining small number of volunteers, we can ensure that our animals are well cared for. We are expecting to have low numbers of volunteers again in 2021 due to the restrictions on travel in Peru. Volunteers play a crucial role not only in caring for the animals, but also for covering parts of the animal food with their fees. This puts us in a tight position for the next year and we now need your support to raise a minimum of 40’000€ for the year.
We hope prospective volunteers can join us soon again. But until then international help is more important than ever before.